How, not What

My new business idea is to share how I think with the world.  To that end, I am going to blog here with my thoughts/observations in the hopes of getting as much down, and out of my head, as possible.

To start, you will notice I said HOW to think, not WHAT.  I think this is a very important differentiator for my brand.  I am in no way planning on telling people what they should think. I have no hopes of converting the masses to believe everything I believe, and to mindlessly follow me and my ideas.  In fact, I want the exact opposite.  I want people to sit down with a specific idea/belief/concept and figure out what they actually think.  I am of the mindset that a large portion of the population simply takes what they are given at face value and never questions where the information came from, what the information is, or what they actually think about it.  A simple example is politics.  There are those on the left, right and in the middle who will latch on to talking points and just spout those back to anyone willing to listen.  I have seen and heard people say two completely opposite statements and look like they just spanked the person they were arguing with.

But politics is not the domain that I want to go into.  I want to help people be happy.  And I truly believe that by applying simple (in one sense) logic and asking questions of themselves, more people would be more happy.  Hopefully these posts will help me to better convey that.  And I will be doing the Livingston stuff on the other side to see if I can find where it will be the most helpful.

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