How What I Want Now Gets Me What I Want Over Time

I wrote about my shifting priorities and hinted at them helping me get to my seventh level business goal as well.  Here are my thoughts on that.

Rentals: more passive income from me means less income that I have to take from my Realtor business.  My main issue when I started hiring was I had too much overhead. I have worked to cut that down, which has made things much better as they stand.  Being able to lower my salary would do that even.  Being able to have me and at least one employee for the same monthly cost as I am just paying me right now makes it a very simple cost to say yes to.

Dale Carnegie: What better way to look for more business than to help people make their lives better.  If you were going to go make one of the largest financial transactions of your life, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable doing it with someone who has already greatly helped you in your own life.  This would be directly putting me in front of a few hundred people a year, with me having a deep, emotional impact on them.  That seems like a good recipe for finding new clients and new advocates.

These are just some of the reasons that chasing after what makes me happy leads to me being more happy, both in the now and in the future.

I am grateful for dance class.

I am grateful for holding Hailey.

I am grateful for chasing Hailey.

I am grateful for Nora being so amazing.

I am grateful for snuggling and watching The Incredibles.

I am grateful for holding Amber.

I am grateful for making plans with friends.

I am grateful for outside getting warmer.

I am grateful for so many things to look forward to.

I am grateful for so many things to be grateful for in the moment.

I am grateful for figuring out what Ryan wants.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch