How Many Ninjas Do You Know?

The ninjas are coming! The ninjas are coming!

I am doing a presentation tomorrow for the Ames Business Improvement Council on LinkedIn.  I was doing research to see if there are any new and interesting things that I don’t know about yet.  One of the places I went was to the LinkedIn Blog.  While looking through the different posts I came across “LinkedIn Observes the Rise of Professional Ninjas!

I LOVE THIS!!!  Number one, I wrote a post not too long ago calling myself a ninja. I just did it because I thought it was funny. Apparently, many people share my love for (and desire to be) ninjas.

The first thing this makes me think is that the business world is getting more flexible and less conservative.  Just from the sheer fact that people put that they are a ninja on their professional social media page makes me believe that they can still get business while having some fun.  And really, anytime that work can be made more fun, I am in.

I have heard about many different job titles being made.  We had a business in town a few years ago called Monkey This, and the CEO was the “Head Banana.”  I know Mark Zuckerberg had business cards that read: I’m the CEO, b#tch! (Though, his weren’t censored.)

I am very much for the work environment becoming more congenial and laid back.  I believe that happy people work harder and better.  And naming yourself the Head Banana or a Ninja is just one step to making your work environment into what you want it to be.

Have you heard of any good job titles lately?

2 thoughts on “How Many Ninjas Do You Know?

  1. My wife used to work for a company where the HR Director’s title was “Vice President of Human Capital” This isn’t as cool as a ninja, but I found it humorous that they emphasized how expendable their workforce was by calling them human capital – maybe this is a more common term than I am aware though.

    I think I may have “Sales Superstar” put on my next set of business cards after reading your post though. It might add interest and might be a good talking point. I just hope I don’t end up with Mary Katherine Gallagher like tendancies.

  2. Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and than I smell them like this! Hilarious!!!

    I do feel like the “Human Capital” title is a huge put-down, but to each their own.

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