Here Comes Nora!

 I have a big announcement in that Nora Olivia Lynch was born October 3rd. My wife, Amber, and Nora are both happy and healthy. Everything is going well. (Other than I forgot what sleep is.)

I am writing to celebrate, but you know me, and I also need to add in a story. This one is about me personally and working with the hospital staff.

We were in the hospital for three days and during that time we had several different nurses assigned to us. Each nurse did things differently. By the 2nd or 3rd night we had found some tricks that helped Nora stay more calm and feed more quickly. But each new nurse came in and tried to do things their way. At first, I will admit that this really annoyed me. We knew our baby better than this person who had just met her, and they were trying to make her do something that had not been proven to work.

So I went into leadership mode and every time we got a new nurse who wanted to do things a different way, I sat back and watched what they did and asked questions about why they were doing it this way. To be fair, some of the things just did not work. But I also learned a whole lot of new skills, tools and ideas that I would not have had if I had forced my “right” way on these nurses. Some of them Amber and I still use at home.

Try and see things from the other person’s point of view, and you will get more tools and ideas to deal with difficult situations.

If you are interested in growing this leadership ability in yourself or your people give me a call at 515.724.3163 or email me at Ryan dot Lynch at Dale Carnegie dot com.

~Ryan Lynch

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