Hello Interwebs

Well, I am starting this blog for one of two reasons which only time will tell which one it is. Either it will chronicle my success in getting 47 to be everywhere or it will be a constant reminder of my utter failure. Good times.

To explain, I became interested in entrepreneurialism soon after graduating from college. I read and studied and asked questions for a few years. But then about 2 years ago I found a little book called The 4 Hour Work Week and decided that that was a business model I could jump into. Basically it was about creating an online business that would eventually run itself and give me time and money with which I could do whatever I wanted. So I created 47 LLC and was off and running. My first attempt was Learn to Disc with the help of my good friend Coop a Loop. This was an epic fail on many levels. But I learned a lot of lessons and I am very glad that I did it. Next I continued in the “work on what you love” theme and tried for The Disc Golf Wiki. As of this post, I have pretty much stopped working on that because I have found better business models. Specifically, continuity models.

So now I just dropped a very good amount of money on a program that is supposed to help me build a continuity website from scratch. And so I will be stopping by here to record what all is going on with that.

I also recently started Forty Seven Marketing. This is my attempt at making a service business and I actually made my first revenue ever as a business entity creating a site and doing online marketing for Tom’s Barber Shop. So that is fantastic! It is always good to have a win. One of my favorite quotes is: If you want to increase your successes, double your failures. And I am taking that to heart. I will just keep trying until I succeed in reaching my goal of having passive income to the point where I don’t have to work and can help those around me.

So this blog will be mostly about that, but I will probably also use it to rant about whatever is going on in my life. The most likely topics will be politics, movies, friends and family, philosophy and life in general. I can’t wait to see what happens.