Guster Off the Radio

I had the extreme pleasure of getting to see Guster this last Thursday at Hoyt Sherman.  First off, this was my first experience ever at Hoyt Sherman.  It is amazing!  It is intimate, intricate and beautiful.  I have always prided myself on wanting no more house than I need, but being in that concert hall seeing how much love and devotion went into creating something that amazing made me want one of my own.  But I digress…

I have loved Guster ever since college when my amazing friend Thor introduced me to them.  In fact Parachute was my first glimpse of this fantastic band.  Amber and I headed over and were first introduced to Good Old War, who were quite fantastic.  But it was pretty obvious that everyone was there for Guster.  And when I say everyone, I have to say that I was amazed at the makeup of the audience.  There were people there who could have been my grandparents.  There was a 19 month old there (more on that in a bit).  And everyone in between.  It is fantastic that Des Moines’s music scene is that open and I applaud everyone who has worked so hard to make it such.

The concert was amazing.  They played Happier, Barrel of a Gun, Jesus on the Radio and a fantastic version of The Airport Song.  They interspersed much from their new album, Easy Wonderful, and both myself and the audience loved everything we were given.  The highlight of the night for me was when a ukulele fell from  the sky and they played my favorite Guster song: Come Downstairs and Say Hello.  Perfect!

Plus, we got the A Dong song.  (You can see that up top.)  And about a half hour into the concert the lead singer started talking about the 19 month old in the front row and how he really wanted to bring him up on stage.  Well, thankfully I live in Iowa and the trusting soul in the first role made it happen.  Here are some pics as proof.

So I have decided that my blogging goal for this site for 2011 is to have more postings for the life section.  Concerts, fun with friends and family, just plain old awesome experiences.  2011, here I come.

~Ryan Lynch