Guacamol-Brie, You’re Welcome

One half of heaven.

Today I simply wanted to share a delightful concoction I stumbled upon with the remnants of another little slice of heaven.  I can not verify that any of this is healthy for you, but I can say that it is 110% delicious.

First, the slice of heaven.  I have had the pleasure of going to The Cafe in Ames, IA.  One of the very first times I went there I found perfection in the Brie and Avacado Grilled Cheese.  I went back three times that month and had it over and over again.  Unfortunately, this lead to over a year of bitter disappointment as they changed their menu each month and for some reason they had the over-site of not putting it back on.

After wallowing in self pity, FOR OVER A YEAR, it finally hit me: I can make it myself.  Only in America.  So I bought some white bread, an avocado and some President Brie.  I made two grilled cheeses; one for me and one for my lovely wife.  But I still had some left over avocado and Brie.  So I diced the Brie, put it in to some quac I whipped up with the left over avocado and I had created the majestic guacamol-Brie.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Guacamol-Brie, You’re Welcome

  1. Not gonna lie–I’m skeptical. But what else do I have to do this summer? I’ll try it . . .

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