This weekend was wonderful.  Friday night Amber and I took the girls to the playplace.  They both loved it and it completely wore them out.  Then we got to relax with each other after everyone had gone to bed.  I am so grateful for my family.

Saturday we went over to Jack’s birthday party, and had so much fun watching that amazing little two year old enjoy himself while dealing with his older siblings and cousin.  Amber took Nora to the Science Center while I worked and Hailey napped.  I am so lucky that my family can make everything work together.  Then that night we went back over to the Rads to see lots of people for the Iowa/Iowa State game.  It was very fun to see everyone and to catch up with them, and to watch our kids play together. I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life.

Sunday we made it out to the Drake Diner with my parents.  Always grateful for the Diner.  That afternoon I took the Oselettes out to look at houses and they found one they potentially have interest in.  I am so grateful to have clients that are fun to work with.  That night we crashed my parents’ house because Dave was finishing up painting at our place.

I have a life that I can simply soak in the gratitude with.  I am very lucky. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch