Grasping at Time

I am running full-force forward with all of my plans.  At this point I am wondering what is going to either give first or profit first.  I am in full on research mode with Direct Fitness.  It is very interesting to see how a market looks in the information marketing arena.  Thankfully, Glenn makes it easy to get a broad overview at the same time as figuring out which details to pick out.  I am very happy that I found his club.

I have also started his process on a second idea of mine.  I have always thought about sharing the way that I think with others, and wondered how to monetize it.  So I simply started plugging in keywords that made sense to me and I am going to see what I can create that is 100% mine.  I am very excited to move forward on that.  It just takes time, which I am trying to allocate as best I can.

Work is keeping me busy and now with snow on the ground, driving is taking up more of my day.  But I will just keep moving forward until I get what I want: control of time.  Until then, I will just keep trying to use it to keep moving forward.