Goodbye Myspace Part Deux

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

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One day I was driving with Matt and Jay out to Seattle. These two people are very kind to me in that they love to argue with me. And Jay and I had about a four hour arguement that forced me to piece together this.

I believe in God. I do not believe in any specific religion’s God though. I believe that God is absolutely everything. I believe that there is nothing that you can specifically point to and say “That is God,” though. God is every particle and every space inbetween. God is every thought and every feeling. There is nothing that is not God.

God does not have a consciousness. How could God ever possibly make a decision if God is all decisions? How could God be a he or she if God is all people? How could God be love, if God is also all hate? To say that God is not one of these things is to limit God. Do you think you can do something that God cannot?

I think that some people question God because they wonder what God wants from them. How could God possibly want? Do you want your right knee, or your left ear more? How could you choose? That is like saying God will choose God over God. That is why we have free will. Free will is necessary because there is nothing above us that is telling us what to do. We have to choose. This is 100% my life, and I should be 100 % responsible for it. They are my choices and so I should accept the outcome from them.

If I made a choice, then it was the choice that I wanted to make. So why should I waste my time thinking about past choices and how I wish I could change them when I can’t? What I can do however is be as involved and informed as possible for the next choice that comes my way.