Glenn’s Disciple

So things are moving along well.  I am pleased to announce that @FitnessCaeli is up to over 600 followers in less than THREE WEEKS!  I am getting people talking to me and asking questions as well.  I am just going to keep building this group in order to have a large group to survey once I get there. 

On that note, I am following Glennand have just started the course.  I am super pumped about that.  He seems to break everything down step by step and walk you through to a point where you are confident spending money and building websites because you know exactly who you are going after and exactly what you are going to offer them.  He is incredibly analytical so I get to borrow his insights, spreadsheets and the like in order to know how much it will cost me to acquire a customer. He even breaks it down to how much it will cost to acquire the mythical “hyper-responsive” customer.  It is pretty dang fantastic!

So now I will follow Glenn Livingston and do his bidding.  And in return I believe he is going to teach me how to create my own business intelligently and while being fiscally responsible.