Get it and Get it!!!

Two great things stand out from yesterday.  The first was that I had a listing appointment with an Expired listing.  He was upside down, and I wanted him to list lower than he had before. I was nervous, because I wanted the listing and I knew that I had to understand him and what he really wanted.  Throughout the meeting he kept referring to how he did not need to sell.  I talked with him, asked a lot of questions, and really dug for understanding.  I also stayed aggressive and stayed on top of him.  In the end, he listed with me and he listed only $2,500 above my ideal listing price (on a $250,000 listing).  Going for understanding and sticking to speaking the truth got me that listing.  Get it!

Last night, Amber went to the committee on foreign relations. I could not find a babysitter, which meant that I got to spend the evening with Nora and Hailey.  So we ate dinner and then went to the play place.  Nora was her usual awesome self, made ton of friends and then just had so much fun all night.  Hailey decided to do a couple of things. Number one she was constantly pushing herself to walk by herself.  I was so grateful to be able to watch that. Number two, she was going down the slides by herself. I was standing at the bottom in case any mishaps happened. The first two times I had to catch her. Then the rest of the night she got to go down slides and yell with glee. Get it girl!!!


I am grateful for slides.

I am grateful for friends.

I am grateful for two adventurous, outgoing girls.

I am grateful for fun networking groups.

I am grateful for past clients.

I am grateful for staying connected.

I am grateful for good food, and girls who love good food.

I am grateful for journaling.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch