Get in the Habit!

Which way will you go?

Your whole life you have been developing habits that make your life easier, simpler or better.  Whether that habit is to brush your teeth so that they don’t fall out or to workout regularly to feel more healthy, it is a habit none the less.

What most people don’t piece together is that their reactions are habits as well.  Your reaction to someone getting angry at you is the habit that has formed because it seemed to be the best response the first few times that someone got angry at you.

The problem with this is that many of us have a habit of worry.  Many of us have a habit of self-doubt.  Many of us have a habit of not following through.

The good news is that new habits can be formed.  New ways of dealing with the world can help make your own personal world better.  You just need to be able to look at yourself and find which habits you want to break.  Do you want to stop eating when you are nervous?  Do you want to stop yelling when you get angry.  It can be done.

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