Frickin Google

So I am working on getting my keyword target for my new business venture and Google’s Keyword Estimator Tool is not working.  Kind of difficult to go through my process if I can’t do the main step.  Oh well, find something I can do and get it done.  Like write on my blog!

I have found that my possible keyword targets are very varied.  I have everything from How to be Happy to Self Improvement to I want to be Happy.  And the results that I am getting back in searching for my bullseye are huge.  With the estimator I got from Mr. Livingston I am getting results from 523 to 3500.  I know you have no idea what that means, but it just amazes me how incredibly important it is to find the correct keywords to market on.  What if I had just been choosing randomly and picked the keyword that results in 523? (The higher the result the better in this system.)  I could have spent countless money and time on a business that would have all been wasted.  Thank God for Glenn!