I have found focus to be a huge game-changer when it comes to people’s outlooks.  What do you focus on?  I know people where 90% of what comes out of there mouth is a complaint or a worry.  How do you think their life is?  I have been told on many occasions that I always “look on the bright side” or “always find the good stuff” in many different situations.  How do you think my life is?

Let’s take for example: driving your car.  Let’s say you are driving your car and you get cut off.  Now, one person might start yelling and screaming, flipping the bird and just going crazy.  That person is much more likely to get into an accident.  They are much more likely to develop stress and heart problems.  They are probably letting that one person who cut in front of them ruin their entire day.  Maybe it happened on the way to work and they are still bitching about it at dinner.  I know we all know someone like that.

Now, let’s say the same thing happens to person B and they think “Whoa, that guy needs to be more careful.”  AND THAT’S IT.  They go back to whatever they were focused on before and continue on with their day.  Do you think that person ever thinks about getting cut off again?  It is doubtful that it enters their consciousness for the rest of their life.

And what is the difference between these two people?  Focus.  One chose to focus on how life is so rotten to them. How they are constantly getting screwed and what not.  The other chose to just brush it off as an occurrence and just get on with their life.  And all that you have to do to be either person is to choose what you focus on.  I am not saying this is easy.  If you have been angry/scared/depressed your whole life, it can be extremely difficult to change your way of thinking.  But with focus, determination and an incredible amount of patience you can do it.

So the next question that comes up is why put so much effort into it if it is so much work?  And my response would be, would you rather have hard work for a month or even a year to then be more happy, healthy and prosperous; or would you rather be upset for the rest of your life?