I am happy to announce that I finally get to move forward on my business due diligence.  I have had to wait for two weeks while a program called Affiliate Elite did some work for me.  But now it has collected data over a long enough period of time that I can continue on.

I am at the same time excited and freaked out.  It was kind of nice that I just got to sit back and wait for something else to do the work.  But now I have to move forward with all of the “What if this doesn’t work?” thoughts running through my head.  I have already decided that I am just going to keep moving forward until I figure out if it does or does not work.  But that doesn’t mean the thoughts aren’t still there.  As I have been saying though, I can choose to focus on those thoughts or I can choose to move forward.  To get what I want, I choose to move forward.