Fear is for the Weak

Beat fear, don't let it beat you.

How often has fear held you back? What in your life have you missed out on because you were afraid of what might happen? When you think about doing something new, do you jump to all of the bad consequences that could possibly happen?

The good news: you are human. The better news: you will have countless more chances to push past that fear.

I would like to give you a few tools to help you get over that fear, whatever it may be of. I think all of us have missed out on things in life because we were afraid of what would happen. I have to fight through fear every time I work on my personal business, especially when I have to pay for something.

What is really funny about this, is what I am afraid of. The first thing I am afraid of is that I will never get it right and I am just throwing my money down the drain. I could have saved that money and used it to pay down debt or put into an investment for my future. The second thing that I am afraid of is that I will succeed. You read that correctly, I am afraid that I will be successful. Because then I will have to be responsible for a business; be responsible to my customers; and be 100% responsible for my income. Pretty scary.

Here are the tools I use to combat this fear:

The first is to think about what it is that I am truly scared of. In my above example, I am afraid of both winning and losing. Even though it is my fear, I can see how ridiculous that is. I can sometimes just beat my fear by knowing that it is just there and will always be. So either I live my life the way I want to or I live in fear. When given that dichotomy, it gets me angry enough to overcome the fear.

The second tool is to think about what is the worst possible thing that can happen. Sometimes, you don’t even see that what is getting you all worked up is tiny. You might have to FILL OUT FORMS!!! I know it sounds horrible, but if fear of filling out lots of forms is what keeps you from say, seeing the doctor, (me, again) then you might consider dieing to be a worse fate.

My final tool is to imagine what would happen if you did this thing and everything went right. For the above example, I would get a clean bill of health from the doctor (I did.). For the business example, I could be purchasing the one thing that I need to truly get my business running on its own cashflow and not mine. If you can imagine the best possible outcome, you can have a strong motivator to beat that fear.

In summary; think about what is really scaring you, imagine what is the worst possible outcome (it might not be as terrible as you initially assumed), and focus on the best possible outcome. Use these three techniques and live the life that you want.

Fear is powerful. I promise you that you are much stronger.