Entrepreneur, A Starting Point

Start Learning Now!

I have been playing with a fantastic service called Click Bank recently.  It  can help you be more entrepreneurial. I thought I would explain what it is and how I hope it will help me to give all of you possible entrepreneurs out there thoughts and possibilities.

First, Click Bank aggregates products and sales people.  What I mean by that is that if you have a product that you want to sell to the masses, you can put it on Click Bank and have a good chance that someone else will try and sell it.  This is a great way to get your product out there in ways you might never have thought of.

Let’s say you have widget XYZ and you put it on Click Bank.  Then you tell all of the sales people that you sell XYZ for $10.00, and for every sale they make for you, you will give them a $7.50 commission.   Then a salesperson comes along and markets it in a way that you have never even heard of and you get a wave of new customers.

The other side of Click Bank is where I am starting.  I want to become an entrepreneur but I am just learning how exactly to do that.  So I have started to explore a niche market and I would like to test and see if there is any demand in that market. I could sell the products that I find on Click Bank and see if people in that market want it or not.  Basically, I can sell items without having to set up the store.  So I have my blogs and I will start to build relevance in my niche.  Then I will try and direct traffic to my blogs which will then try and sell a product off of Click Bank.

This helps me in several ways.  One is that I might find out that people in my market are wanting to buy a lot of a certain product, but none of another.  Then I can go make my own product knowing that I already have demand for it.  Two is that I can test hundreds of different products until I find one that works and I don’t have to put together a sales process, credit card processing, follow up systems and everything else that goes into selling a product until I have a product I know is going to sell.  This lowers the price of entry substantially.

I am really excited for my testing with Click Bank and I can’t wait until I get to start testing different products.  Now if I could only get my 10 new blogs to the point where I could do that faster.  Oh well.  : )

~Ryan Lynch