First, what am I grateful for? Yesterday, I got to spend time with just me, Hailey, and Nora. I love when my entire family is together. It is also nice to just have my girls and have fun with them. After I picked them up from my day we went over and took Kiley and Maddy for a walk.  Nora had a great time holding Maddy’s leash, and I held Hailey and she was laughing and slapping my shoulder, she was so excited to be on a walk with the dogs. I cherish and am deeply grateful for these moments.

Watching Nora at gymnastics last night was really fun as well. She is already getting beyond the program that she is in, and I can see that we are going to have to push her harder so that she does not get bored. While she was doing that, Hailey was exploring and making friends. One other person waiting there said, “I have never seen such a friendly baby.” I am grateful to have created a friendly baby.

My work day was great as well. At my networking lunch several people talked to me about working to get me referrals. I love that I have built that strong of a relationship with them.  I also love that I am actively working to return the favor.

I am also grateful to my father for letting me borrow his bike. I have been interested in getting on a road bike for a while now. And getting the chance to test it out has really let me see how much I enjoy it. I am constantly pushing myself to go further, and I am very grateful for that mindset.

Tonight, my parents are coming over for dinner. I am so grateful to have such a close family and everyone likes each other. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch