Don’t Forget to Get Better!

Rule the World!

Today I will give you a tip that will help you much, much more than it sounds like it will.  People in general have a hard time sticking to their goals.  They come up with excuses why they don’t need to do it today.  They simply forget about their goal.  Maybe they didn’t even truly want their goal to come to fruition in the first place.  But with one very simple technique, you can more easily achieve your goal.

It is a three step process to set up:

1.  Get a note card.

2. Write your goal on it.

3. Put it in your pocket.

Why is this so powerful?  Simple, we are what we think about.  We are what we focus on.  Every time you feel bored in the future, you can pull out your goal card and do something that gets you closer to your goal.  Every morning as you begin your day you have to think about your goal as you put your goal card in your pocket.  Every night before you go to sleep, you focus on your goal as you pull it out of your pocket.

The more focus you put on your goal, the sooner you will achieve it.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 5 pounds. Put your goal card goes in your wallet, so that every time you are about to get that snack out of the vending machine you see it.  Whenever you are bored, pull out your goal card and do an exercise.  Simply having it there to focus on will mean that you keep with it.

Then your next goal card can be “Keep it off.”