Did You Know That Things Require Work?

Man, I did not know this whole starting your own business thing was going to be so much work!  It took me months to get to the point that I am at and now I am simply trying to get 10 blogs set up.  I know how to set up a blog.  I know how to get the things on their that I need (email sign up, RSS Feed, SEO Optimizers), but man does it take quite some time to do it to 10 frickin blogs!

Plus, I need to make sure that everything is set up correctly and fully separate so that I can track everything accordingly.  I need to have content for each and every individual blog.  And I need to schedule all of that content so that it is constantly updating and giving people useful, worthwhile content.

I am doing all of this knowing full well that more than half if not all of them are destined to fail.  Man life is good.

And now I am done complaining.  You may go back about your business.  Thank you.

~Ryan Lynch