Democrats and Confidence

I am so happy and grateful now that I have a better understanding of where I want the world to head.  Last night, Amber and I watched the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  What really struck me is the difference in message, and how strongly I agree with the Democrat’s message and disagree with the Republican’s message.

To me it is a difference between being open and being closed.  The Democrats want to work together to make things better for everyone. Everyone in the United States, everyone in the world. Whether they are rich or poor, male or female, white or black, American or anyone else.  The Republicans seem to want to only work for themselves. And by themselves, I mean rich, white men.

I believe that when we all work together and accept each other, everyone’s lives get better; including rich, white men.  I am excited and grateful that I have the world view that people want to help each other and should help each other.

I also go to go out to dinner for my mother’s birthday last night. We went out to Noah’s with Emily and her kids, and had a really good time being with each other and talking. I am so grateful for such an amazing family.

I also got another listing signed yesterday.  It is amazing that I was not confident about it, and yet just went with it and there was no  issue. He had originally said he intended to go For Sale By Owner. He signed all of the papers and went with the price that I recommended.  I am grateful that I have a process, and I trust the process. I am grateful that I can get that trust across to others.  My strategies and methods work.

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch