Damn Spartans

This is another MySpace post originally written July 8th, 2006

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I remember a preview awhile ago that involved cloning a child. And at one point in the preview the father says “What you are talking about is illegal, and it might even be immoral.” Bad dialogue aside, this freaked me out. This man did not know if cloning was immoral or not because society as a whole had not decreed it one or the other. To me this is the most ass-backwards point of view to have. I believe that it is only right that I try to make as informed a decision as possible and participate in the debate.

What I don’t understand is why would you want your decisions decided for you? I would never want to be told how I feel on a subject. I want to question myself and see what my answers are. They can be very surprising and always make me more confident when I think of myself and when I interact with others.

Just remember what the Spartans said “The moment you are born, you are old enough to die.”