Dale Carnegie, Here I Come!

I am proud to announce that I have started a new job with Dale Carnegie & Associates.  I am now a Strategic Business Consultant, and I am so excited that I am in a state of perma-grin.

Many of you may know that I have been working with Dale Carnegie (DC) for over two years now to become a trainer.  That has recently culminated in one of the most difficult and rewarding four day weekends of my life, but that is for my next blog post.

In the course of my job search, I was talking to people at DC hoping that I might be able to network my way into a new marketing job.  Instead, they came back to me with an offer to join them as a consultant.  At first, I thought to myself that I wanted a marketing job.  So I didn’t really think about the offer any further than, “That is very nice of them to think of me.”

As I was continuing my job search, their offer kept circling around in my brain.  As anyone who has read most any post on this blog knows, my endgame is to be an entrepreneur.  This job would give me practice in being a small business owner, with a safety net.  Many of the entrepreneurs I read and talk to also state that a great place to start to work towards being an entrepreneur is to get really good at sales.  One way to look at my new job is as a sales job.  So that clicked.

Plus, Dale Carnegie is all about growing people.  It is about leadership, communication, sales, presenting and so much more.  The better I get at all of those things, the better I will do in my new position, and the better I will be prepared for when I do finally make that leap into business owner/leader.

What is even better than all of those things is that I truly believe in what Dale Carnegie is trying to do.  My focus is to work with businesses to become better.  We do that by helping people to work together more easily.  We do that by showing managers and executives how to be effective leaders.  We do that by showing people that the best way to sell your product or service is to not sell at all.  Instead you should listen to your customers, and work with them to help them solve their problems.

I am pumped to be doing something that excites me so much.  I was so happy to find the training side of it and now I think the consulting side of it will be just as good of a fit for me.

I remember the very first time that I went through Dale Carnegie training, one of the participants pulled me to the side and asked, “Why are you even in this class?  It seems like you already live it.”  Now I fully do.

~Ryan Lynch

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