Control = Personal Growth

Choose your own path for personal growth.

Who or what controls you?  That sounds like a somewhat ridiculous question (I hope), but you would be amazed at how many people feel like they are not in control of their own lives.  Be it money, parents, a boss or a significant other; we all can feel like we are not in control at times.

But if you really do want to grow in your life, be it through self help, personal growth, positive thinking or whatever you choose to call it; you need to take control of yourself.  The first step is thinking about what you actually want out of your life.  Do you want the safety of a 9-5 job?  Do you want to be your own boss?  Do you want to be in peak physical condition?  Only you know what you really want.

So just take some time and think about what would make you happy.  An easy way to start this is by thinking about what has made you happy in the past.  Or think of someone who you view as happy and see if the things that they are doing could apply to you.  Either way, choose what you want and start on your journey to personal growth.