Truth and Openness

This is another writing from my past.  I believe I wrote this when I was about 20 years old.

Truth and Openness should be your goals.  I should want to be open and honest about everything.  I try and say everything I say with honesty.  Sure, I lie to mess with people.  But when it comes down to being asked a questions where an honest response is necessary, I should always tell the whole truth.

Strength and Weakness

This is something that I wrote in college.  I would guess some time in 2003.

When I was weak, I thought that strong (willed) people were selfish and didn’t think of others.  But as I grew stronger willed, I realized that strong people care very deeply for others.  But they realize that they are themselves.  No one else is them.  So in their world, their opinion is the most important.  Because you should always be the deciding vote for you.

And here is another on the same topic from the same time period:

Amazing But True

Originally written on MySpace January 26th, 2008

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So I actually got a job. Even more amazing than that I found the one that was everything that I wanted. As you may know from my last blog I was looking for something new. I wanted to move away from sales, and branch out a little. So I did the What Color is Your Parachute thing and tried to actually think about what it was that I wanted to do.

Job Hunt

Originally written on MySpace Nov. 7th, 2007

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For those whom I have not talked to in a while I have recently moved to Ames, Ia with my girlfriend Amber. She is in graduate school for Community and Regional Planning. I am looking for a job. I am trying to find a job that I am excited about and have been following the instructions of that wonderful little book What Color is Your Parachute? Well after taking about a week to go through the self evaluation of skills (it is really long and in-depth), I am on to the next stage. I am supposed to share my findings and see what you all think. So first my findings. These are my top ten transferable skills in order of enjoyment and importance to me:

Waking Up

Post originally put on MySpace Sept. 4th 2007

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Written January 8th, 2004:

I had the thought today that when I was young I was incredibly weak and small. I remember being afraid all of the time of bigger, stronger people. That was not a fun part of my life. But I realized it was important in shaping who I am now. I have now lived the life of nerd, jock, frat boy, clothing salesman, collegiate student, and so much more. I am so many different people leading up to who I am now.

For Jay

Amber and I just got back from a trip to Seattle and Portland. It was pretty sweet. She applied to the Udub and Portland State, so we were visiting school, friends, and family. It was a great time, both cities are so amazing. And the city of books blew me away. (You know what I’m talking about Portland.) 😉


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It’s amazing how wonderful perception and disposition are. I can see one thing as an attack on my honor, or not even notice it, or funny, or that guy bumping into me. And not a single one of those is more right than the others. All it is is the conclusion that I have come to thus far in life. Hell, even in different parts of life I can come to separate conclusions and maybe think several of those thoughts about that same thing throughout my life.

Decision Time

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So I have decided that I am doing all of this talking one sided. So from now on if ANYONE wants to ask any questions about how I look at things, or what they should do, or about anything I am wide open. Broad blanket of advice. If you just want a third parties position, I am here and happy to help. To that end, know that I would never share anything that anyone shares with me. And I will from now on say yes to anyone being my friend, so that I can help anyone who needs it. If you have something you want to talk about, hit me.


Post originally written on MySpace July 17th, 2006

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Sometimes I need to take my own advice. I was sitting here feeling negative and not knowing what to do about it. And so I read something that I probably wrote three years ago:

Stop telling people what to do and just lead by example. Do it yourself. It sounds like I’m telling you what to do, but I am simply telling myself.