Screw Tests!

CheatI was talking with a friend about an idea he is having about starting a new business.  He was asking me for advice on where to start and what are things that he can do to work on the business.  We had a very interesting conversation because of two things: how he reacted to what I told him to do and my memory of reacting the exact same way when I was where he is.

You’re Doing It Wrong: Leadership

I am constantly trying to improve my understanding of business, life and people.  I have been getting into TED talks as of late.  Hearing what brilliant minds are thinking, studying and observing has been helping me better define what I think, say and do.  I just ran across Simon Sinek, talking about leadership.

I have numerous examples of the reverse of what Simon is saying.  I have been in business after organization after corporation where people are being told what to do and how to do it.  Almost without exception, they are not happy in their jobs.  They are not motivated to work together, help their clients, or even just do their own job.  The only exception occurs when I meet someone who has their own internal motivation for being there.

You’re Doing It Wrong: Motivation

I just watched an incredibly interested TED talk about the science of motivation.  It takes about 18 minutes, and it could dramatically impact your business.

Over 50 years of data tells us that most of what we do to motivate people in the work force is actually hurting our businesses.  We all know about the carrot and the stick.  But very few of us seem to know that unless the task is extremely simplistic, we are hurting our productivity, morale and innovation.  Most of the simple jobs are now automated or outsourced.  That means that it is highly likely that you are hurting your bottom line with many people in your organization.