The Great Asset Search Begins

Walking through the door of our first open house today, Amber and I stop to talk to the real estate agent.  We pick up a pro forma and start our way through the house.  It is a quaint single family residence with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It has a two car garage and a nice big, fenced in back yard.  My favorite part of the house was that on the second floor, they had what I can only describe as an upstairs deck.  It was glassed in, and there were no exits, but it is an extension of an upstairs room and just feels like a deck.

The Power of the Mastermind

I have been reading and listening to Napoleon Hill as of late and thinking about one of the main concepts that he talks about: the Mastermind Principal.  This principal is that if you get a group of people together who are focused on the same goal, together they will produce more, faster than if each of them had worked on it separately.  I have found that it does more than that.

Find Your “Why”

I wanted to discuss why I am so interested in growing my financial education through learning to invest and build businesses.  Amber’s father, Tom is still on my mind and I decided to go back and listen to the speech he gave at Amber and my wedding.  Here it is for you to listen:  (The speech begins at 4:45 in.  Sorry about the dark quality, it was a bright and beautiful day for our wedding.)

First he talks about staying strong through adversity and never giving up on our marriage.  But as of right now, the thought of being without Amber is ludicrous.  So I will consider that lesson if I ever (hopefully never) need it.

What is Money?

I have been studying money for some time now, reading books like The Dollar Crisis and Grunch of Giants.  It has lead to some interesting thoughts in the ol’ noggin.

One of which is to stop valuing the dollar bill so highly.  I think for the majority of my life I have thought that the dollar bill stays worth a dollar and the price of everything goes up.  So that house that was worth $30,000 thirty years ago is now worth $300,000 because there are more people and thus a higher demand for it increased the price.