Screw Tests!

CheatI was talking with a friend about an idea he is having about starting a new business.  He was asking me for advice on where to start and what are things that he can do to work on the business.  We had a very interesting conversation because of two things: how he reacted to what I told him to do and my memory of reacting the exact same way when I was where he is.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Try

Yup, this blog still exists!  I have been swamped with life the past few months, but I am going to make a concerted effort to write here more often.  I have to admit that I have been having quite a bit of fun writing over at 47 Reviews.  But this site really helps me get out my thoughts and torments and work my way through them.  So, with no further ado…

The Value of Persistence

I am now about 3.5 months deep into my new job at Dale Carnegie, and man have I been kept busy.  If I am not training, I am in training. If I am not prospecting, I am in a meeting.  And I am very lucky to have three mentors who are as pumped for Dale Carnegie as I am.  I am loving my new job, and can’t wait to get to the point where I am the seasoned pro.

But I am not there yet.

10,000 Failures

I am amazed at how differently I can view the exact same thing at different points in my life.  Is it that I am more prepared now than I was back then?  Is it that I have different priorities?  Or am I a whole different person than I was then?  I would bet it is a little bit of all three.

Dale Carnegie, Here I Come!

I am proud to announce that I have started a new job with Dale Carnegie & Associates.  I am now a Strategic Business Consultant, and I am so excited that I am in a state of perma-grin.

Many of you may know that I have been working with Dale Carnegie (DC) for over two years now to become a trainer.  That has recently culminated in one of the most difficult and rewarding four day weekends of my life, but that is for my next blog post.

What is an Asset?

What is an asset?

I think it is interesting that in my own life, this word has had many different meanings to me.  When I was 10-12, an asset was the baseball card or comic book that I collected.   I was going to keep them until I got older and sell them to make myself rich.  Going into and out of college, an asset was the job that I was going to get.  Then in my years just out of college, I thought a house that I owned was an asset.

The Power of Paying Attention

I wanted to share with you today an observation that I had recently.  Amber and I have been reading many of the same books about how to become financially independent.  I can highly recommend the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, The Richest Man in Babylon and The Millionaire Next Door.  They all have different insights and approaches to watching your financial p’s and q’s.

This has lead us to set a budget for each month and audit ourselves at the end of each month to see how we are doing within our set budget.  All of the above mentioned books talk about doing this as a way to grade your financial life and see what you need to work on.

Lessons Learned

One quote that I have regularly gone back to is “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”  It is a quote by Tom Watson.  I am here to tell you that I have had a lot more failure than that.

By my count, I have had 16 websites.  One of which made money, but not the way that I was aiming for so I call that one a failure as well.

But in my failures I can see how much I have learned:

  1. How to set up a blog

Pep Talk

I believe that I have two problems right now: too much desire and too many possibilities.  I am frustrated by things taking so long to happen and the vast majority of them not working.  I understand that anything of value takes time and work in order for it to achieve that value.  I am simply upset that I can not seem to figure out how to derive that value from the time and work that I have put in already.  I am continually coming up with new ideas for businesses and business models.  But, I am unable to create something that produces any return on value.

Did You Know That Things Require Work?

Man, I did not know this whole starting your own business thing was going to be so much work!  It took me months to get to the point that I am at and now I am simply trying to get 10 blogs set up.  I know how to set up a blog.  I know how to get the things on their that I need (email sign up, RSS Feed, SEO Optimizers), but man does it take quite some time to do it to 10 frickin blogs!