What Does Dale Carnegie Do?

I do not believe that there is a question that I get asked more than, “What does Dale Carnegie do?”  The most straightforward answer I can give to that is we change behavior and habits to make people perform at a higher level.  By consciously eliminating old habits, we are able to replace them with new skills, tools and behaviors that will stick.  That means that you or your people don’t invest time and money only to have everything forgotten days or weeks later.  You are working differently.  By ingraining the change in your habits and behaviors, you continue to act differently.

Why You Should Fail More

At the beginning of our lives we are praised for our failures.  Learning to walk we fall again and again.  Every time the people around us give us so much praise for trying.  We know that we are going to walk and that is going to happen so, each fall (or failure) gets us closer to our goal.  Whenever we show initiative towards trying something new, we are praised and pushed to keep working towards our goal.

Training and Education are Different

I believe that there is a common misconception that training and education are the same thing.  It happens because so many of us have been signed up for “training” only to go to a two or three hour seminar where someone talks at us the entire time and then we promptly forget everything that we heard.  Or our organization’s definition of training is the mandatory sexual harassment pamphlet that they have to take a half hour to read to you by law.

How to get More Time in Your Day

You are trying to get your work done, when one of your employees gives you a call.  You find yourself pulled in to their issue.  This is what you are supposed to do.  You are there for them.  You finally get their issue resolved, and back to your project when another employee stops in to discuss an issue that they are having.  This one ends up taking the rest of your day and you have to stay late because you are responsible for getting your work done on time as well.  Does this sound like a normal day for you?

Today, I Was Referred by a Billionaire

It is not everyday that a billionaire tells the world about you, so today I get to toot my own horn.  Wednesday night on the CBS show “Person to Person” Warren Buffett was profiled.  He walked the audience through his office and discussed the things there that were important to him.  I will let him do the talking instead of me:

Skip to minute 6:00 if you only want to hear the part about Dale Carnegie.  (I would recommend watching the whole thing though as he talks about his philosophy of investing throughout.)

How to Achieve More Results Faster

A week or so ago I was having a one-on-one coaching session with a client.  We had some real breakthroughs and had covered many of the things that his boss wanted me to work with him on.  We still had half of our time left and so I asked him if there was anything that he specifically wanted to work on.  He asked me about getting more done in a shorter period of time.  That lead to how to set goals for the short run, as well as the Big Audacious Goals in business and life.  We had a very interesting conversation, so I thought I would share.

The Value of Persistence

I am now about 3.5 months deep into my new job at Dale Carnegie, and man have I been kept busy.  If I am not training, I am in training. If I am not prospecting, I am in a meeting.  And I am very lucky to have three mentors who are as pumped for Dale Carnegie as I am.  I am loving my new job, and can’t wait to get to the point where I am the seasoned pro.

But I am not there yet.

How Being a Serial Killer Finally Helped Me

This week I killed the professor.

I have been an official coach for Dale Carnegie for only two months now.  I have been working towards being a coach for almost two and a half years.  But I became official in January.  This has lead to me being in the middle of my first session as a coach right this moment.  This has also lead to me having a problem.

The Power of the Mastermind

I have been reading and listening to Napoleon Hill as of late and thinking about one of the main concepts that he talks about: the Mastermind Principal.  This principal is that if you get a group of people together who are focused on the same goal, together they will produce more, faster than if each of them had worked on it separately.  I have found that it does more than that.

10,000 Failures

I am amazed at how differently I can view the exact same thing at different points in my life.  Is it that I am more prepared now than I was back then?  Is it that I have different priorities?  Or am I a whole different person than I was then?  I would bet it is a little bit of all three.