Your Employees Can Be More Powerful Than You

I recently wrote about how one customer can do a world of damage if they are treated poorly.  In that article I talked about how one upset customer, or one angry employee can now reach countless millions of people when they have a negative experience with your organization.  I conjectured that as businesses, organizations and non-profits we would need to start focusing on the people as strongly as we have been focusing on the systems, or things would start to fall apart.

Never Do This

I ran across two separate articles recently where people decided to teach by telling people to do the exact opposite of what they should.  I thought that both were good enough to share.  So this week I am going to be your news feed and point you towards two articles that explain why treating your people and your customers with respect is so important.

First is an article by William P. Fisher, Ph.D. who actually took the first nine principles of Dale Carnegie and flipped them on their head so that you can see what would happen if you did the exact opposite of what Dale Carnegie teaches.   The result is pretty enlightening.