You Shouldn’t Read This, It’s Not for You

Today is the 90th day of 2012.  That means that we are already a quarter done with this year.  My question to you is what have you done with your quarter year?  One-forth of one year is a good amount of time.  Did you spend it improving yourself, your staff or your business?  Or did you spend it doing what you have always done.

We have all heard the maxim, “Keep doing what you have always done and you will keep getting what you have always got.”  Well, it is not true.  The real maxim should be, “Keep doing what you have always done and you will keep getting what you have always got, OR LESS.”

What is an Asset?

What is an asset?

I think it is interesting that in my own life, this word has had many different meanings to me.  When I was 10-12, an asset was the baseball card or comic book that I collected.   I was going to keep them until I got older and sell them to make myself rich.  Going into and out of college, an asset was the job that I was going to get.  Then in my years just out of college, I thought a house that I owned was an asset.

The Power of Paying Attention

I wanted to share with you today an observation that I had recently.  Amber and I have been reading many of the same books about how to become financially independent.  I can highly recommend the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, The Richest Man in Babylon and The Millionaire Next Door.  They all have different insights and approaches to watching your financial p’s and q’s.

This has lead us to set a budget for each month and audit ourselves at the end of each month to see how we are doing within our set budget.  All of the above mentioned books talk about doing this as a way to grade your financial life and see what you need to work on.

My Own Worst Enemy

I have been having a heck of a week putting together my new blogs.  I am amazed at how many times I have thought to myself, “Man, it would be so much easier to just not do this!!!”

That thought is what I felt like discussing today.  First is where the thought comes from: laziness.  Doing all of the things that are necessary for these blogs to get set up is not difficult, it is just incredibly time consuming.  In one way it would be easier for me to not take the time to do this and just enjoy myself with the outdoors, reading, a tv show or whatever I want to do at that moment that would be fun.  That would definitely make my day easier.

Of Fishes and Niches

I'm looking to hook a big one!

I realize that I have not posted on my business activities as of late. To explain: the reason that I have been posting so much on mindset recently is to help motivate myself.  I have been researching several niches in the fitness market trying to find one that works for Caeli and my joint venture.

I am finding some very interesting things.  One is that things that sound horrible are empowering to this market.  For example: That workout just KILLED me!  or Oh, my pecs HURT so much, great workout!  In other words this market sees pushing themselves beyond their limits as a very good thing.

A Better Way to Sell

Wait a second, is that pointing at me?

I want to rant.  Today I attended a webinar by Jeff Gitomer about social media.  I have told myself countless times that I was going to stop attending social media webinars since they all say the same very basic information that could be told in 5 minutes, but instead gets stretched out to an hour.  What I got today was even worse.

You Are a Person, Not a Machine

This will always work the same way, but you don't have to.

A day or two ago I went to Toy Story 3.  Great movie, but that is not what this post is about.  I wanted to comment on what happened as I was buying popcorn.

I got in line behind two other people and was happily waiting.  The first person in front of me ordered a small popcorn, and the employee said “Are you sure you want a small?  You can upgrade to a medium for just fifty cents more.”  To which the customer replied that they just wanted the small.

Want to Make Your Boss (Or You) Really Happy

I subscribe to a wonderful little service called Make Use Of that scours the interwebs for me and daily sends me an email of cool new sites that are popping up.  There are a lot of interesting sites that it points me too, and I wanted to share one with you.

It is Gone Google.  This is a very clever little site that shows you how much money your company could save by switching over to using Google Docs.  It estimates that using Google Docs at FNB for example, would save the company $477,998.  That is nothing to sneeze at.

Adwords Ninja: That Depends on What Your Definition of “The” Is

The way of the ninja requires much patience.

I have been working through Glenn’s process on my newest attempt at finding a marketable niche.  Today I had an epiphany. I think I have been grouping my keywords together incorrectly up to this point in my excellent business adventure.

To explain: Glenn has you do A LOT of homework before you ever even think about jumping into a niche market.  Thus far in my business activities around this type of business, the homework has been most of what I was doing.  In the last niche I tried, I made it to some implementation.  But I quickly figured out that I didn’t want to go any further with that niche.  And I think I just figured out (one of the reasons) why.

How Many Ninjas Do You Know?

The ninjas are coming! The ninjas are coming!

I am doing a presentation tomorrow for the Ames Business Improvement Council on LinkedIn.  I was doing research to see if there are any new and interesting things that I don’t know about yet.  One of the places I went was to the LinkedIn Blog.  While looking through the different posts I came across “LinkedIn Observes the Rise of Professional Ninjas!

I LOVE THIS!!!  Number one, I wrote a post not too long ago calling myself a ninja. I just did it because I thought it was funny. Apparently, many people share my love for (and desire to be) ninjas.