Business Continued

I have been thinking a lot on what will truly make me happy with 2017. What I came to was a shuffling of priority.  There are three main things that I want with my business:

1. I want to acquire at least 15 doors.
2. I want to begin to train with Dale Carnegie again.
3. I want to make more money than I did last year.

That is the order that I want them in as well.  So far in 2017 the two things that have made me the happiest, and given me the most joy were finally buying more rental property, and talking to people at Dale Carnegie about how do I come back.

I think that my internal struggle has been that those two things are more important to me, and that it pushes another goal (owning a 7th level real estate business) to the back burner.  I have already written about accepting some things to move slower so that I can have other things that I want. I don’t want to stop working towards a 7th level business.  I just want these things more right now.  In fact, I believe that going after these things will help me get to my 7th level business goal over time. (I will dive into that tomorrow.)

What this does for me is give me clarity, and allow me to focus my time towards my goals.  I want to build my rental portfolio. I want to get in front of people and help people. And I want my financial life to continue to get better while I am doing those two things. At the end of 2017, I will be able to look back having achieved these milestones and be proud for being a badass!

I am grateful for Nora being a good listener.

I am grateful for Hailey exploring.

I am grateful for Amber being my sleep aid.

I am grateful for Amber being mine.

I am grateful for snow.

I am grateful for warmth coming back soon.

I am grateful for snuggling.

I am grateful for laughing.

I am grateful for pushing myself to understand myself.

I am grateful for running in fresh snow.

I am grateful for being so happy.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch