Bring it on!

So now I am starting to get excited!  I have a solid idea, and I have found financing.  My first three steps are to 1.create a legal business entity; 2. Open some bank accounts; and then 3. set up an Aweber account for email collection.  Caeli already has an established clientele and a popular blog, so I am going to add email subscriptions to those so that we can start creating an email list while we are putting the site together. And she has literally a thousand pages of blog posts and assorted how-tos, so we can use those to create emails to the members of the subscription list.  Plus I have been learning where I can go to find other content from my good friends Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher.  I am so happy to be moving forward.  You just have to listen to Rocky.

Now I think I am going to have to blackmail Coops into putting in some extra work for me.  I am thinking a server might be just the key to that conundrum. I’ll see what he says once he gets back from his honeymoon.  His wedding was fantastic this weekend.

But for now I get to go to bed excited about what tomorrow brings.