Yesterday I am very grateful that I got the chance to sit down with Brian Wentz.  He has such an amazing way of cutting things down to simple.  For 2017 I want to net $250,000.  Adding in operating expenses I need to gross $330,500.  That comes out to me needing to sell $10,576,000 worth of real estate.  My average price is $165,000 per transaction.  That means that I need to close 66 transactions in 2017.  The numbers are then weighted based off of closing percentage, percentage of my business being buyers vs sellers, and my average days on market for listings.  Using those wights we came to me needing to go on 126 total appointments in 2017.  That equals a total of 12 appointments per month which means that I only need to go on 3 appointments per week.

3 appointments per week.

Think about how simple that is.  I only have one number to focus on. Have I made my 3 appointments this week?  I don’t need to think about anything else.  I don’t need to think about what is closing, how much I am closing, how many listings I need, or anything else. Just 3 appointments per week.

Thank you Brian, I am incredibly grateful for your help.


I am grateful for good conversations.

I am grateful for a good stylist.

I am grateful for getting to re-energize others.

I am grateful for Amber getting out with friends.

I am grateful for staying on what needs to be done.

I am grateful for taking the time to listen to those who need me to listed to them.

I am grateful for getting paid.

I am grateful for figuring out how to get paid more.

I am grateful for paying attention to what goes into my body.

I am grateful for people who pay attention in politics.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch