BOLD Energy

Yesterday was step 5 of my 5th BOLD.  This time around I have been really focusing on authentically participating in the exercises and activities that occur and I have been receiving incredible energy from it.  Yesterday was a very simple activity right in the middle of the day: hug 5 people.  I decided that I was going to give love.  So I started hugging and getting back so much love.  By the time the exercise was over, I was brimming with energy.

A previous activity had been to walk around and give gratitude to people’s faces. I walked around and gave sincere, authentic appreciation at every opportunity that I had.  I expected that to make me feel good, and it did. What I did not expect was the sincere, authentic gratitude that I received.  People were saying incredibly kind things to me.  People that I knew, and people that I did not know.  I was overwhelmed with emotion, and again: brimming with energy.

One of my tricks for  staying in positivity is actually Facebook.  I have pinned people like Tony Robbins, Hal Elrod, Sharon Lechter, John Maxwell, and The Law of Attraction so that whenever I log onto FB, the first 10 or so posts are positive, motivational, and uplifting.  Usually it makes me just read those things and then go work on me and life.  Usually, this helps me feel good.

Getting direct positive feedback and emotion from those around me in such strong doses gives me a desire to have and give that feeling as much as possible.   I choose how I feel and who I want to be.  I have made my choice.


I am grateful for watching Hailey get mischievous.

I am grateful that Nora pushes herself.

I am grateful that I get to work in a culture of gratitude.

I am grateful that someone actually reads some of this. (Thanks Marcy!)

I am grateful that I found focus.

I am grateful that my body is healthy and strong.

I am grateful that Amber chooses to snuggle with me.

I am grateful that my life truly is my own.

I am grateful that the political season is over.

I am grateful for me.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch