Beauty vs Suffering

You choose what you focus on.  Are you focusing on all of the good things that are surrounding you constantly?  I really love my morning runs right now because trees are amazingly beautiful in the street lamp light. The very first corner that I turn on has this gorgeous yellow hue to it and I just stare up at it as I run by and smile.  Then I get to write, which I have found to be an incredible release in my day and it makes me feel wonderful. Then I get to hold my girls. I snuggle with Hailey, Nora, and Amber and there is nothing else that matters beyond just being close to them.  What else does my day need to make me feel good and appreciate it than beautiful sights, thoughts and feelings.  And all of that happens before 8am.

Then my entire day is spent working to help people.  Help them be where they want to be and helping them be who they want to be.  I call over 500 people every three months and simply ask them how I can add value to their world. And those are the same people. I also get to call complete strangers and help them.  And then they get added to those people that I call every three months. Even watching how that plays out is funny.  The first two or three  times that I call people simply to ask how I can add value to their world, they really don’t know what to do.  When I started to think about it, I couldn’t think of a single person who I know that does that.  So I can understand why it seems off.  I will be interested to see what these same people think when I am still calling them every three months five years from now.


I am grateful for capper masterminds.

I am grateful for Brian.

I am grateful for amazing ideas.

I am grateful for family dinners.

I am grateful for play time.

I am grateful for  learning and growth.

I am grateful for the beauty of trees.

I am grateful for an amazing wife.

I am grateful for good sleep.

I am grateful for baby noises.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch