Be Warm, and Get Free Stuff, and Save Money!

587I thought I would pass along a fantastic tip that I use in all of my properties. In fact, I just used it in my own personal home.  Get a Midamerican Homecheck.  Basically, Midamerican comes to your house and gives it an inspection.  From that inspection they will mark where your home needs more insulation. (Be Warm.)

They will also give you energy efficient lightbulbs, water saving hardward, and I even  got a free surge protector. (Free Stuff.)  Then they will fill out a document that you can give to your favorite insulation specialist and get massive rebates on putting the insulation in. (Save Money.)  For example, I have had attic insulation put into my rentals and rehabs at no out of pocket cost whatsoever.

In fact I just ordered attic insulation, band joist insulation, and sidewall insulation done for my house.  Without the rebates it would have cost $2,878.00.  My out of pocket expense because of the rebates will be $792.00.

Give Midamerican a call and set your Homecheck up today.  Their number is 1-800-545-0762. If you need an insulation guy, I have a great one.  Just let me know.

Of course, if you know anyone looking to buy a home, sell a home, or invest in real estate: Give Me A Call!  515.724.3163 or

~Ryan Lynch