Be Better Informed About Your Own Situation

1If you think that selling houses is easy, you have not sold enough of them.  That is why I make sure that all of my clients are as informed as possible when I am selling their house.  I educate up front, and then every week I send you an update.  Every week.

What does that include?

1. How many views you have had on the MLS

2. How many emails have been sent out and read on your house

3. How many views you have had on Zillow

4. How many showings you have had

5. What feedback you have received from those showings

6. Your positioning in the market

7. What I specifically did to prospect your house (buyers called, neighbors called, showings followed up on, etc)

8. My recommendation based off of all of these factors

Do you believe you would be able to make better decisions if you had all of this information, updated weekly, on your situation?  Do you believe that me knowing all of these things means that I can better position your house to begin with?

If you know someone who would like a better experience selling their house, please send them my way.  You can reach me at 515.724.3163 or

~Ryan Lynch