Badassery Continued

I have been thinking a lot about what being a badass means for 2017.  And happiness is what keeps coming to mind.  Happy in my productivity. Happy with my body. Happy with my family.  Happy with my life.

Amber and I have a lot of things that we want to do in 2017.  Trips, things to the house, time with each other. Badass means that I can do it all.  I have a lot of people that I want to help in 2017.  Badass means that I can help them all.  Most importantly, Badass means that I am cool, calm, and collected while doing it.  Overwhelm happens as little as possible.  rushed, or missing my family does not happen. I am growing. I am building. And I am doing it in such a way that I am enjoying my life, my family, and myself the whole time.  I am building the life that I want while living the life that I love.  That is what Badass means.

I am also extremely happy and grateful that I reached a major milestone on Friday. I bought my first rental property in five years.  My entire entrepreneurial journey started because I wanted to own rental property. And on Friday my portfolio grew from one door to four with the purchase of my first 3plex.  Knowing people is the key. I asked for help in how to do it and Scott Calvert blew me out of the water with what he did for me.  I am so excited to continue working with him and seeing how much I can grow my portfolio in 2017.  My goal is 15 doors. I hope I can blow that out of the water!

I am grateful for Hailey and Nora flying above me.

I am grateful for Amber always thinking about me.

I am grateful for my parents living a dream in Lawrence, KS.

I am grateful for Hazel getting to come and play with the girls.

I am grateful for the full day on Sunday.

I am grateful for outstanding people in real estate.

I am grateful for working with friends.

I am grateful for referrals from friends.

I am grateful for bad movies.

I am grateful for a cat child. (Bell necklace)

I am grateful for me always pushing myself to be happy.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch