Are You Busy or Productive?

productiveBuilding a business or career is difficult.  Whether it is in real estate like me or whatever industry you choose, you find days where you truly feel beat down.  So I have been doing a lot of study and research on how to power through, how to overcome these bad days and keep moving towards your goals of a successful business or career.

I wanted to share a deceptively simple idea that has really helped me and the people that I have already shared it with.  One idea that keeps coming up in all of my studies is “what you focus on matters”.  A very interesting tangent of this is the words that you use and the ideas and beliefs that you tell yourself are crucially important.

The deceptively simple test that I did with this idea was to remove one word from my vocabulary: busy.  I replaced it with another word: productive.  For over a month now I have refused to use the word busy and always used the word productive.  I have made this shift both internally and externally.  Meaning, I do not even get to use the word busy in my own thoughts.

Something really interesting has happened with it.  I get more done in the day.  I feel better about my day once it is officially over.  Think about the impact of that.  Have you ever come home and felt worn out because your day was so “busy” and yet you didn’t feel like you got anything done?  It can ruin your night, or even worse, your whole week.  How have you felt when you have had an extremely productive day?  What is the difference in how your body feels?

If you are constantly telling yourself and others that you are productive, you will find yourself focusing more on the things that will make that true.  You will find yourself seeking out better ways to do those things so that you can get more of them done in your day.  The real secret to this is that you are programming your subconscious brain.  If you keep telling yourself that you are busy, and not getting things done, when you go on autopilot you will do busy work.  But if you keep telling yourself that you are productive you will find more and more ways to be productive when you find yourself wandering.

So test this out for a week.  It is not hard to focus on one word.  Remove “busy” and replace it with “productive.”  Let me know how it works for you.  Let me know if you have found a substitution that helps you lead the life you want to live.

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