Are You a Victim of Yourself?

Personal Growth is a Process.

Last week I was talking about complaining, and I touched on the thought that complainers tend to see themselves as victims.  They are victims of the man, the system, their childhood or soulless corporations.  Their life is completely out of control and they blame everyone else, and would never imagine that they could take control of it.

My goal today is to combat this self-defeating mindset.

My first question to someone with this mindset is what exactly is out of their control?  Let’s say they hate their boss/job/coworkers.  Are they slaves?  Are they unable to look for a new job?  Are they unable to talk to their boss or coworkers about what is causing them problems?

Let’s say they hate their body.  Does someone else choose what food goes into their body?  Does someone else force them to watch tv or play video games instead of getting outside, or working out?

Let’s say they don’t want to be friends with someone anymore, or they don’t want to be in the relationship they are in anymore.  Is there someone handcuffing them to that person, or forcing them to stay with them?

Let’s say they are unhappy with their attitude and just feel defeated all the time.  Is someone using mind control on them?  Has someone taken away their free will, or ability to make choices?

Some of these questions are ridiculous.  And I do realize that some people are in situations where changing one or more of these things would be worse than not.  But for the vast majority of individuals in America, they are free to make whatever choices they please.  No one is forcing them to stay in a certain job, body or relationship.  They can choose to look for a new position or partner;or to work out, or just skip those Oreos.

It is your life. It is your mind.  It is your body.  You choose to see yourself as a victim.   You choose to take control of yourself and your surroundings.  Why not just give taking control a try?  What do you have to lose?