Amazing Wife = Lucky Life

I had an amazing night this weekend. My mother-in-law was in town (always a good thing!) and she was kind enough to let me and Amber get out for a Valentine’s date.  We went out and first I got to hear about the incredible things that Amber is working on. She is simply amazing at what she does and she makes our city better because of it.  After that I laid out basically what I had written about with my shifting priorities.  I think there was a part of me that was afraid of what she was going to say.  Instead she said that she is so happy that I am finding what makes me happy and fulfilled.

Even more amazing is looking at one situation, and how amazing our relationship is in our thoughts about that situation:

Nora is doing dance class now with her cousin Isla and it is Thursdays at 4:30.  I have been taking Nora to most of those simply because my schedule is much more open then Amber’s.  Her fear was that she was not pulling enough weight and she felt bad that the responsibility was falling on me.  My fear was that I was getting lucky with so much more time with the girls and that I was being selfish in getting that time instead of Amber.  We both were instantly concerned about the other person’s thoughts and feelings. We both were thinking about how we could make the other person’s life better.  I am so incredibly grateful to have this amazing woman in my life. I am so incredibly lucky.

I am grateful for Hailey giggles.

I am grateful for reading to Nora.

I am grateful to be Nora’s erasing assistant.

I am grateful t be Amber’s.

I am grateful to have Amber.

I am grateful to get to hang out with my father.

I am grateful to get to hang out with Guess.

I am grateful to understand what control of my life means a little bit better.

I am grateful to look for and find abundance.

I am grateful for deep, cleansing breaths.

I am grateful for listening.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch