Adwords Ninja: That Depends on What Your Definition of “The” Is

The way of the ninja requires much patience.

I have been working through Glenn’s process on my newest attempt at finding a marketable niche.  Today I had an epiphany. I think I have been grouping my keywords together incorrectly up to this point in my excellent business adventure.

To explain: Glenn has you do A LOT of homework before you ever even think about jumping into a niche market.  Thus far in my business activities around this type of business, the homework has been most of what I was doing.  In the last niche I tried, I made it to some implementation.  But I quickly figured out that I didn’t want to go any further with that niche.  And I think I just figured out (one of the reasons) why.

Glenn has you gather a large grouping of keywords (keywords = search terms similar to your product or service).  He has you break down that group into several smaller groups based around a similar concept.  At that point, you go out and study the main concepts and keywords based off of the groups you make.

I think I have been doing the grouping wrong.  I was thinking about it in terms of what I would be selling, when I needed to be thinking about it from the frame of mind of the person doing the search.

For example, one of my keywords is “Core Strengthening Exercises”.  I thought about it in terms of what I was selling and grouped this under the concept of  “Exercises.”  But if you were searching on Google with this term you wouldn’t be thinking about exercises, you would be thinking about your core.  Core is the main concept in this term, so I decided to see what would happen if I made a concept grouping around “Core.”  Everything changed.

I went from having seven or eight main concepts to having seventeen or eighteen.  My entire spreadsheet changed dramatically.  So now I am going to go forward with this idea and see if it changes my outcome.

The take-away for you on this is twofold.  One is when you are thinking about how to sell something, make sure you are focusing on what the customer wants (the benefit to the customer).  In my case they want a better core, not an exercise routine.

The second takeaway is that you should always ask yourself, “Is there a better way to do this?”  I had done my groupings the same way four times in a row, and failed miserably.   I do not know if doing them this way will be any better.  But now that I have tried, I sure will find out.