Accepting Fear

I have been listening to a book called Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.  This morning I was listening to it while I drove and she was talking about accepting fear, and it gave me the idea that in 2017 I had decided to live with my fear and see what happens. I decided to focus on the parts of my realtor business that I did like (my current clientele) and let go of the parts that I did not like (prospecting for expireds and for sale by owners).

I was scared a lot for the first half of 2017 because I constantly felt like I should go back and start calling expireds and for sale by owners because I had the time.  Instead, I decided to stick with my plan and I would go for walks, go for bike rides, go to a movie, or hang out with a friend, or my family.  Because I did trusted in my people, and I trusted in my systems I was able to make just as much money as I made in 2016, in 2017, and I did it while being much happier. I was feeding my wants and needs instead of the false wants and needs of my business.

I thought that I just had to work incredibly hard and grow, grow, grow.  When I thought about why, the reason was so that I could make a lot of money and have time to go for walks, go for bike rides, go to a movie, or just hang out with friends and family.  When I defined what I really wanted I found that I could have it now.

Right now, I can feel that fear creeping back in because my pipeline is low.  With it being between Thanksgiving and Christmas, not a lot of people are looking to buy or sell.  As I was thinking about it I thought that what I had done in the last year was trust that the people that are in my life are there for me, and they are there to help me. Part of that help is giving me business, and allowing me to help them.  Part of that help is giving me some time off with less business. Now I can keep trusting in the people in my life. More business will come. Maybe I should go for a walk.

I am grateful for sausage and pancakes.

I am grateful for Emily getting a new job!

I am grateful for Emily and RJ trusting me.

I am grateful for Nora and Amber getting to see family.

I am grateful for time with just Hailey.

I am grateful for Tara Brach.

I am grateful for looking at things from Amber’s point of view.

I am grateful for having a wife that I want more than anything or anyone else.

I am grateful for feeling good.

I am grateful for time alone.

I am grateful for my breath.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch