A Weekend of Happiness

I am so grateful that I have amazing friends and family that I get to spend my time with!

This was a great weekend, and I am so grateful that I got to experience it.  Friday night, the Rads came over and we had dinner and just enjoyed watching the kids enjoy themselves. Amber got home and I am so happy and grateful to have her back.  I was so tired after a week of single parenting that I could not even stay awake long enough for her to get home.  I was very happy to snuggle up with her again.

Saturday we went to Center Grove with the Aschims.  I took Nora and Hailey down the giant slide.  I took videos of both. Nora freaked out with happiness. Hailey’s eyes were so wide, and I think she did enjoy it.  She is so chill. We did the trampoline, the animals, and the corn pit.  It was so much fun and so wonderful to hang with the Aschim clan. I am so grateful to have them as friends.

Sunday we did Drake Diner with my parents. I love that that is our tradition. I love that Nora loves it so much. I know that Hailey will as well.  I am grateful to have such an amazing family.  I took Rhett and Stacy out  to a couple more houses, then we ran out to the mall and I hung out with the girls at the play place while Amber did some shopping. I asked Nora if she was going to know any friends at the play place, and she said “I am going to make some friends!”  That girl is amazing. She first played tag with a boy for  about 20 minutes. Then she met an older girl who did new things like teach her to go under the nets, and climb up the house on the boat. It was fun to watch.

I am so grateful to have such an amazing family and such an amazing life. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch