A Weekend of Good Conversations

Friday night Nora had her art night at CCYC.  It was great to see all of her artwork and watch her class performance.  It is just wonderful to know that she is in a place that she is very happy about.

Saturday I got out for a hike with Thor.  It is incredible to have a friend who has been a friend for so long (22 years) and that I still want to be my friend.  Our topics went over a wide range and it was just good to be with him again. That night Amber and I went out with Matt and Melissa, and again it was fantastic to have two people that it is so easy and fun to talk to. I am also excited because Amber seems very in to Melissa, so maybe there is a budding friendship there.

Yesterday we went to the Diner with my parents, as usual. Then we had Isla’s birthday party, and it was great to see family over at the Rad’s house.  We got stuff done in the afternoon and just hung out with the girls last night. My life is good.

I am grateful for Thor.

I am grateful for Matt.

I am grateful for Melissa.

I am grateful for faith in myself.

I am grateful for nature.

I am grateful for Nora wanting to play.

I am grateful for Hailey wanting to play.

I am grateful for Amber being very kind to me.

I am grateful for good people all around me.

I am grateful for me focusing on gratitude and love.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch