A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma???

Well now I have come to a bit of an interesting problem.  I have fully placed my sites on the continuity website format, and now I am getting quite a few bites on Forty Seven Marketing.  Four separate bites to be exact.  It is wonderful that I have people who trust me to refer me for work.  But now I am a bit apprehensive about taking it.  I really want to focus my full attention on Direct Fitness LLC to see what I can build there. 

So now I get to the point of should I shut down the good ol’ Four Seven, or should I try and take on all of these things at once?  I think it would be great experience to get more projects under my belt, but is it fair to the customer when I am going to be more focused on getting my product out.  Maybe I just answered my own question right there.