A Perfect Day

Yesterday was my birthday. I decided that I wanted to make it a really great day. I got up and hung out with my family, ran a few errands, helped some clients, got out for a bike ride, and spent a lot of time with my family. As all of this was happening, I realized that this is a pretty normal day for me. I am so lucky. I have the woman of my dreams for my wife. I have two amazing daughters who fill me with joy. I have friends that I love and that I know love me. I have family that I love and truly want to be with and around. I have a job that I love to do. I have clients that I am excited to work with. I have the will power to stop and smell the roses. I am so lucky. My perfect day is every day. Thank you so much for this life. Thank you!

I am grateful for the woman of my dreams.

I am grateful for two amazing daughters.

I am grateful for friends that I love.

I am grateful for family that I love.

I am grateful for a job that I love.

I am grateful for clients that I love.

I am grateful for will power.

I am grateful for the roses.

I am grateful for seeing all of this.

I am grateful for all of the other amazing things that I don’t even notice.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch