A Great Talk

Yesterday we were driving home fro visiting Dory and Adam (a great trip), and Amber and I got into a deep discussion about her desire to be more open with her family, and in particular her mother.  Two very important things came out of this conversation.

Number one was that Amber found a lot more clarity on what she wants and what she really needs to do in order for that want to become a reality.  We had to do some real digging, and get her extremely uncomfortable, and it was worth it for her to come to the realizations that I believe she did.

Second was that I sold Amber.  I have been training under Chris for a couple of years now, and I believe that yesterday, I did fundamentally exactly what he has been teaching me. I asked a lot of questions and fed Amber’s own thoughts back to her so that she had to go deeper and deeper and find what she really wanted and thought.  Through doing this she sold herself on what she needed to do, instead of me talking at her, which I have done for years.


The other thing I wanted to write about is gratitude.  This morning I took time with all three of my girls and just sat in gratitude with them. First, I spooned Amber and just felt so good to be holding her.  Then when I was feeding Hailey, I didn’t turn on any electronics, I just sat and enjoyed her.  Finally, when I woke Nora up, I held her until she was ready to get up.  With each of my ladies I simply took a moment and enjoyed how lucky and extremely grateful I am to have each of them in my life.

Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch